Developer's Park


Vipingo Development is looking to partner with third party developers wishing to set up developments in line with our master-plan. Opportunities exist for:


With the growing Mombasa Population and growth of key commercial developments, Vipingo Lifestyle City has the potential to become a new satellite city for Mombasa, by helping handle its demographic and urban expansion in a planned manner. Potential has been identified in mid-end residential apartments and houses, in addition to very high quality, strategically located high-end villa communities in small supply and at attractive financial conditions. The development of the Industrial City will attract an important low-income population which will necessitate for affordable housing.

Serviced Plots

There is diverse and significant demand for serviced plots for a variety of low and medium density residential use from among others Saccos, Chamas, Corporates and individuals. This presents an opportunity for multiple land developers to address this demand.


There are opportunities within the retail market in emerging areas of the cities as well as in peripheral areas. In the short to mid-term, small-scale retail developments , supporting the first phase of the project and its affluent surroundings, are identified as potential opportunities within the development. There is demand for commercial developments (mall and shopping arcade) considering there is no modern shopping supply between Mtwapa and Watamu to serve the population. Developers will enjoy a proven 60% pre-let status before project completion. Given the distances there is demand for shopping arcades that support public transport terminus, which can include services, leisure, and entertainment, and be developed in the same premises as a service station.


With the nearest schools located either in Kilif town and in Kikambala, the growth of a “Live, work and Play” development presents a gap that investors can take advantage of. Development of quality but affordable schools is an area that remains largely under-utilized in the area. The availability of under-utilized existing labor base provides private schools with cost-effective solutions

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary schools
  • High school
  • University


The Keen interest by several developers, individual homeowners, and Sacco societies in Vipingo presents projects a rapid growth in population in the vicinity of the Lifestyle city. A gap in health care in the area which is already in existence is widening is an opportunity for a fully-fledged health facility within the area.

Our partners ( Mama Rahma Foundation)


Zoning of Kilifi county which puts Vipingo in Commerce led growth Zone 2, creates demand for serviced land for light industries, medium industries, EPZ, SEZ, warehousing, research, and development. Having secured EPZ / SEZ approvals makes Vipingo an investor-friendly destination. Vipingo Industrial Park provides fully serviced plots ready for light industries, medium industries and warehouses in 1 acre blocks. The project is supported by high quality, reliable and cost effective infrastructure including roads, water, power, sewerage, and security solutions.

  • Usage: Industrial
  • Controls: Proposal and Designs to be submitted for review and approval
  • Infrastructure: Roads, Fresh and reliable water from our 3 million litre desalination plant, sewerage, close proximity to main power lines
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Payment Plan: 10% deposit on signing the Letter of Offer, balance in 90 or as agreed by both parties.
  • Our partners: Flamboyant EPZ, Lake Gas, Vipingo Water Desalination Plant

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